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Enjoying Mystery & Finding Joy


This flash drive &/or website serves two purposes. First, it presents content on worthwhile subject(s). Secondly, and presently more important, it demonstrates "IMGLib" as a tool for quickly creating a catalogue and html display of diverse media files. We think our best illustration is \gaiapersonhood\ or www.gaiapersonhood.com. For this demonstration, only "IMGLib" has been used on all the folders beneath the top level folder. See "details" for more on this. The top level folder has been created using a conventional CMS ("Content Management System").

Images in artesia (updated 6/21/18 13:15)

Four links will be especially helpful: START & HOME enable you to start over. indexp will enable you to see images. indexi will help you get to someplace else, but you might have to look at the URL line in your browser to know what is happening.
Here are links that show off image display and image annotation. Note our annotation on the image called RootsStrong where we gave it "Subject" of "Alex" and 300 bonus points. The "Subject" is not meaningful, it is just an illustration. The 300 bonus points caused it to be placed first in the display on this page. Here's text on our non-technical purposes.

We are a group concerned about our stewardship of our planet and its many life forms. This is a website where ideas we discover or create are available like a library. If you would like to join us or comment, go to our Facebook page.

The Gaia hypothesis asserts that organisms interact with their inorganic surroundings to form a self-regulating, complex system that contributes to maintaining the conditions for life on the planet. Gaia does not posit "rights" or "personhood". White male humans historically were thought to be the dominant life form expected to manage this and other "systems". In the past 150 years the idea of "civil rights" has given affirmation to African Americans and to women to participate in the ownership or management of these systems. In considering the "worthiness" of life forms our culture has tended to value their abilities at human behaviors like using tools or communicating in a way that we can understand. In very recent years we have begun to recognize that some animal species have intelligence that surpasses ours if we begin to use different measurement tools. And we have begun to find in animals social behaviors and loyalties that we respect.

Meanwhile, some of us have become deeply concerned about the damage that our dominance is causing to our ecosystem. Some scientists fear that our effect is a serious threat to the ability of the ecosystem on our planet to sustain life (as we know it). Our purpose in this "Gaia Personhood" effort is to document our progress on this sustainability timeline. We will do this in two places. We will maintain a Facebook page where anyone can join us, learn from us, and contribute to our knowledge. And we will also organize our growing knowledge in a conventional website which is not constrained by the "timeline" concept that dominates Facebook. Our conventional website will be at www.GaiaPersonhood.com or www.artesia.xyz and the developing versions are at ../gaiapersonhood/index.htm and ../artesia/index.htm

index  6/26/17  ( 1003 153 23226125 )
indexp (packed display of images, little or no annotation)  6/26/17  ( 1003 153 23226125 )
Dawn's Glory  6/26/17  ( 958 153 23226125 )
The Emerging Womankin Photo Library  9/26/16  ( 958 4 898527 )
cos 20170708  ( 1003 135 15194094 )
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