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Enjoying & Protecting South Florida

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We are a group of people who live, work, and play in South Florida and who consider ourselves very fortunate to be able to do so. We feel, however, that some of the very special things of South Florida are facing threat. And, in fact, there is growing awareness of a threat that will eventually become of immense importance. It will be more "important" here than anywhere else on earth, and that is the threat of "Sea Level Rise". Our purpose in this website is to make information conveniently available in a timely manner and with appropriate priorities. We will do this primarily by links to information on other websites. We are not likely to ever be the best source of information on anything, but will be a quick way to get the most important information quickly and with appropriate perspective, especially on "Sea Level Rise".

Faith communities in south Palm Beach County led by the Florida Earth Foundation are hosting the Florida Earth Festival 2014. Many educational and advocacy activies are planned and more detail is available at One of the organizers has written her suggestions for ways to participate. We need to review these documents and suggest the best options and priorities for our participation: (below are some preliminary suggestions)

  1. read our Key Facts for a better understanding of Sea Level Rise (SLR)
  2. attend the Florida Earth Festival 2014 on April 19-20
  3. volunteer to help at the Florida Earth Festival 2014 (Jane Tobal
  4. learn about the Compact
  5. learn about Palm Beach County's position
Click on WhatsNew for more important information, especially Key Facts About Sea Level Rise and Wikipedia.

We may also maintain one or more forums where anyone on the web can add information or comment on our topics. We are considering these as possible forums where anyone can add their thoughts:

  1. "" already exists with the powers of WordPress.
  2. "Sustainable Development" already exists with the powers of the platform.
  3. "Sustainable Community" already exists with the advantages & limitations of Facebook.

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• Home Page  • Whats New  • FAQ  • Site Map  • Calendar • Web Links  • Key Facts  • Einstein  • Convergence2015  • All Pages  • Biodiversity  • Cetaceans  • CoralReefs  • OtherAmericans  • SLR  • Swim  • swim\usms 

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