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Multimedia Solutions

This website is early in development and may need lots of review and editing. It has 30 pages now but we have a one page version which you can print to easily see (& edit with your red pencil) everything. Click here: • OnePage •. Printing this will require about 6 pages of paper. You might also like to see our plan: • Site Plan •.
"SOFL Multimedia Solutions" is a group of friends that are working towards superior & cost effective news-information, home entertainment & communication technology. We see this as a fast changing market that is evolving rapidly towards a-la-carte choices (especially for TV). We are learning how make the best of it today and be ready for tomorrow. We are friends, we are not a business, though some among us are fully capable of providing professional assistance and are available to help others. We intend to start a Facebook group page so anyone can comment. When we find someone who has good skills to do that right, we will create a Facebook group page.

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