Homeless Isn't Hopeless
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"Homeless Isn't Hopeless is great! It is well written,
factual, right on the mark, and it tells great stories."
— Dr. Michael Stoops, Executive Director,
National Coalition for the Homeless
"An amazingly readable foray into the unthinkable...
a must read book!"
— Alyson Matley-Crean,
Key West Bureau Chief of the Florida Keys Keynoter
"Homelessness is a devastating experience
that disrupts every aspect of one's life.
Laney demonstrates that one's will and
positive attitude are our greatest resource
when facing any of life's challenges."
— Rev. Stephen E. Braddock, Ph.D., President & CEO,
Florida Keys Outreach Coalition for the Homeless
"Reveals the thread of our common humanity."
— JT Thompson, Founder, One Human Family Foundation


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Florida Keys Outreach Coalition
National Coalition for the Homeless
Volunteers of America - Florida

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